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Lunar Mobility 2050 _ Ad-Astra

Jiaying Wang, Elva Guo, Enea Sernesi, Oskar Qing, Haoran Xu

What would the Future mobility on Moon in 2050?

We start with the STEEP model..

2050 Lunar Mobility
2050 Lunar Mobility

Social Trend

Carbon Conscience

As population begins to stabilize at around 9.8 billion, social movement against mass consumption.

The space industry becomes the field for developing and testing upcoming new decarbonizing technologies.

Economic Trend

Space Mining

Space mining opens the door to new types of space exploration

Space mining is one of the major industries, in which both private and public companies are investing in collaboration

Technology Trend


New materials are used to create more resistant and lighter spacecrafts.

Cheaper, cleaner production of carbon nanotubes revolutionizes the medical and computing world

Environment Trend

Monitoring of global temperature

Less than three degrees Celsius increase in global temperature per year goal.

Lots of investment in decarbonizing the space industry

Political Trend

Environmental Collaboration

Public and private have blurred point of near identity in accelerated efforts to combat global warming.

Minerals from lunar mines are shared assets between countries.

Energy Trend

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion becomes a viable commercial option for large economies.

This technology allows the space industry to thrive, enabling rapid and less costly extraterrestrial travel of people and materials.

So, where is our opportunity?

By combining these opportunities we found, we got our design direction...

Extra-Terrestrial Therapeutic Experience

Viewing the world from the viewpoint of the outsider helps to rethink one's perspective and priorities, allows for profound personal contemplation.

Being on the moon allows to step away from terrestial status and stay more connected to who you really are

How do we enhance the therapeutic experience?

Induce Meditative State

Sensory deprivation chamber, exploiting zero gravity and the absence of sound in space.

World Contemplation

Independent sanctuary in which to view the expansive vastness of the universe in striking contrast to the confines of the earth.

Creative Workshops

Augmented and virtual reality tools for creative workshops, explore the unknown limits of fantasy applied to everyday personal problems.

Here is our final design direction...

And we decided to focus on two types of people.

Here is why...

Push the boundaries of knowledge

Entrepreneurs and celebrity are always seeking for new limits, inspirations and perspectives.

Moon is detached from the complexity and responsibility on earth

Personal Goal & Exploration

These two types of people are the one that explore personal limits, the unknown, interacting with a totally new environment.

They want to take a break from the spotlight and social media.

Boost Public Image & Artistic Expansion

They are always seeking an inspirational influence in a radical and individual way.

They are looking for new perspectives and creative breakthroughs

Future Scenario

Let's take a look about what they are going to experience in our design...

CLA Model

In order to get a deeper understanding of future technology, we start our CLA mapping.

2050 Lunar Mobility

In which, we found the following technology can be an add-on for our design direction

After that, we started doing ideation and sketch to explore the potential form and experience.

Final Vehicle Design

Finally, we got to transfer our research into design...

2050 Lunar Mobility
2050 Lunar Mobility
2050 Lunar Mobility
2050 Lunar Mobility
2050 Lunar Mobility
2050 Lunar Mobility
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